March 22, 2011

5:00 PM

Marathon High School Media Center
350 Sombrero Beach Rd
Marathon, FL  33050 
Broadcast Live on Channel 78

VISION STATEMENT: Graduates of Monroe County Schools are Responsible and Well Informed Global Citizens Who are College and/or Career Ready.





REGULAR MEETING – Time Certain 5:00 P.M.



B.           RECOGNITION

1.      Student Achievement

a. Centennial Bank’s Award: "Most Improved Math Students" 

b. VFW Post 10211 Voice of Democracy Awards

1st Place - Sarah Bradshaw

2nd Place - Michelle Sardina

3rd Place - Michelle Saunders

2.      Staff Achievement

      a. American Legion Post 154 Teacher of the Year, Kathryn Balazs


C.           ADOPT AGENDA AND FORMAT – Superintendent’s and/or School Board Members requests to amend the agenda or remove items from the consent agenda.



1. Approval of Minutes January 11, 2011; January 25, 2011* (03/22/11); February 15, 2011  03/20/11)**(3/22/11)



1.            Approve the Recommendations for Support Services Personnel Employed and Terminated for the 2010-2011 School Year.  

2.            Approve the Recommendations for Instructional Personnel Employed for the 2010-2011 School Year.

3.            Approve Requests for Leave.  

4.            Approve List of Volunteers for the 2010-2011.  

5.            Approve District Travel.  

6.            Approve Invoice for John R. Collins for Legal Services.  

7.            Approve Invoices for Vernis & Bowling, Inc. Invoices.  

8.            Approve Invoices for Johnson, Anselmo, et al, 38252, 38458, and 38459.   

9.            Approve Interagency Transition Agreement for Providing Services for Pre-Kindergarten Children.

10.        Approve Fund Transfers for January 2011.  

11.        Approve Credit Card Expense Report for February 2011.  

12.        Approve Bank Reconciliation for January 2011.  

13.        Approve Investment Report for January 2011.  

14.        Approve Financial Statements (Cash Flow Reports) for February 2011.  

15.        Approve Charter School Financials and Minutes for Montessori Elementary Charter School.  

16.     Approve Student Discipline.

17.    Approve Disaster Recovery Cooperative Agreement Between Monroe County School Board and Columbia County School District.

18.     Budget Amendments (Resolution # 766)

a.  Perkins Roll Over Funds (Ad.Ed.)

b.  Approve Sigsbee Charter School Public Charter School Grant Award

c.  Phone Service (GRA)

d.  Increase Funding for Substitute Budget (GRA)

e.  Title X Homeless

f.  COLA for Head Start Staff

g.  Pre-Kindergarten ESE Teacher Allocation (GRA)

h.  Reduction in General Fund Budget


             1. Discussion on Contracts - John Dick 03/16/11

             2. Update on Joint Use Proposal of Glynn Archer School  - Robin Smith-Martin (03/21/11)


G.           STAFF REPORTS


A. Career Technical Education Update – Jeff Arnott

B. Update on SIP for Stanley Switlik Elementary – Dave Murphy (03/22/11)



A. HOB Construction Financial Update – Michael Kinneer (03/23/11 linked)


Internal Auditor:

A. School Internal Audit Update from Ken Gentile (03/21/11)

B. Internal Audit Update Powerpoint (03/22/11)

Legal Services:

A. Update on Settlement Agreement(s)

B. Update from John R. Collins


Operating Services:

A. HOB Construction Update – Fred Sims



H.           CITIZEN INPUT/REQUEST(S) TO ADDRESS THE SCHOOL BOARD ~ TIME APPROXIMATE 6:00 P.M. OR THE CONCLUSION OF ALL BOARD BUSINESS, WHICHEVER IS EARLIER. (The School Board cannot take action on input/request(s), but the School Board may place an item on the agenda of a subsequent meeting for action.)  Presentations to the Board are limited to three (3) minutes for each individual speaker and five (5) minutes for the representative of a designated group.  Transfer of time between individuals and/or groups is not permitted


I.           ACTION ITEMS

1.  Approve the 2011-2012 Student Calendar.

2.  Approve Montessori’s Elementary Charter Extension Pending Formal Charter Amendment.