April 12, 2011

5:00 PM

Coral Shores High School Media Center
89901 O/S Highway MM90
Broadcast Live on Channel 78

VISION STATEMENT: Graduates of Monroe County Schools are Responsible and Well Informed Global Citizens Who are College and/or Career Ready.





RECOGNITION Time Certain 5:00 PM

Outstanding Achievement

a.   Monica Camacho, John Humelsine, Joe Wear, David Tetour, Kyle Hudson, Nick Queen, Michael Wear, Mary Jo Fry, and Nancy Truesdale, Carla Montanata, and Rob Stober, CSHS Mock Trial Team

b. Susan Bazin VFW Post 10211 Teacher of the Year

c. Dana Beal Glee Club and Susan Bazin Band Presentation of Banners by VFW Post 10211

d.   Robert Morgan - Morgan Hampson Insurance, MCSD/PKS Business Partner of the Year




1. Budget Analysis, Michael Kinneer,   60 Min.

2. Recommended Budget Reductions, Superintendent Burke,   120 Min.



CITIZEN INPUT/REQUEST(S) TO ADDRESS THE SCHOOL BOARD ~ TIME APPROXIMATE 6:00 P.M. OR THE CONCLUSION OF ALL BOARD BUSINESS, WHICHEVER IS EARLIER. (The School Board cannot take action on input/request(s), but the School Board may place an item on the agenda of a subsequent meeting for action.)  Presentations to the Board are limited to three (3) minutes for each individual speaker and five (5) minutes for the representative of a designated group.  Transfer of time between individuals and/or groups is not permitted.




1.      Approve District Travel

2.   Budget Amendments (Resolution #767)







Title I/Student Service & Curriculum

Title I Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Roll Forward



Title I/Student Service & Curriculum

Title I Corrective Action Sanction



Sugarloaf School

Increase for communications/phone services








 3. Approve Settlement Agreement with Management Advisory Group, Inc. (MAG) (April 6, 2011) (04/13/11)

 4. Approve Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Key West, Dirk Smits, Richard Collins, & Ken Gentile (04/07/11)  deleted 04/12/11

5. Approve Summer School 2011-12 Seamless Summer Feeding Program and the Ms. Willie Ann Glen Act. (04/12/11)